Necros Christos - Domedon Doxomedon (05.2018)

01. Disc 1 - ITH א
02. Temple I : The Enlightened Will Shine like the Zohar of the Sky
03. I Am Christ
04. Gate of Sooun
05. Temple II : Who Will Get Me a Drink of Water from the Cistern of Bethlehem?
06. Tombstone Chapel
07. Gate of Damihyron
08. Temple III : Unless YHVH Had Been My Help, My Soul Would Soon Have Dwelt with Dumah
09. He Doth Mourn in Hell
10. Gate of Aion Tsevaoth
11. Temple IV : Oracle of the Man Whose Eye Is Open
12. Seven Altars Burn in Sin
13. Gate of Arba-Hemon
14. Temple V: בראשית
15. Exiled in Transformation
16. Gate of Behet-Myron
17. Temple VI : The Weight of Gold That Came to Solomon in One Year Was 666 Talents of Gold
18. The Heart of King Solomon in Sorcery
19. Gate of Sulam
20. Temple VII : They and All That Belonged to Them Went Down Alive into Sheol
21. The Guilt They Bore
22. Gate of Jehudmijron
23. Temple VIII : Mount Sinai Was All in Smoke, for YHVH Had Descended upon It in Fire
24. Exodos
25. Gate of Dimitrijon
26. Temple IX : A Redeemer Will Come to Zion
27. In Meditation on the Death of Christ
28. Gate of Ea-On

Release: 18.05.2018
Genre: Okulter Death Metal